Curbside Leaf Removal in Richmond, VA

Fast Leaf Cleanup with Curbside Removal

You gathered all of your leaves at the curb for the city’s leaf cleanup services, but it’s starting to look like they’ll never show up. Keeping those leaves around can hurt your grass, create an eyesore, or encroach onto your street.

YME Landscapes offers curbside leaf pickup and removal services to homeowners in Richmond, VA and surrounding counties such as Henrico and Chesterfield.

Save yourself the hassle of waiting around for the city or hauling it to the dump yourself. Our team can easily schedule a visit, drive right to your curb and vacuum your leaves for a quick turnaround.

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Commercial Curbside Leaf Pickup in Richmond, VA

Curbside leaf removal isn’t just for homeowners. YME Landscapes helps commercial properties of all types, including storefronts and parking lots, with swift leaf collection.

Just pull your leaves to the curb, call our team and we’ll take care of the rest. It’s easy to schedule and even easier to sit back and watch as your leaves disappear and your landscape is restored.

Your business’ landscape will look cleaner with leafy eyesores and hazards being cleaned up in a flash—saving time, money and hassle.

Other Lawn Preparation Services

YME Landscapes is a full-service landscaping company that handles every aspect of lawn care. Beyond leaf removal, our other services include:

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Trusted Curbside Leaf Removal Experts

When it’s time for your property to shine again and you’ve put in all the work to kick those leaves to the curb,, don’t wait around for the city.

YME Landscapes curbside leaf removal team uses an efficient process to drive right up to your curb and quickly vacuum up your leaves. Scheduling with our team for curbside leaf removal services is a simple process and requires less time than traditional leaf removal techniques.

Contact our full-service landscaping team to restore your property’s beauty with our leaf removal services and more.


1. Do you offer curbside leaf removal in my area?

YME Landscapes offers curbside leaf removal services in Richmond, VA and surrounding counties including Henrico and Chesterfield.

3. Do I need to be home when you come to remove the leaves?

No, you don’t need to be home. As long as the leaves are accessible at the curb, our crew can vacuum them up and they’ll be out of your way.

5. How much does your curbside leaf removal service cost?

Pricing may vary depending on the volume of leaves and property size. Contact YME Landscapes for a quote that reflects your unique situation.

2. How do I prepare for your curbside leaf removal service?

Simply rake or blow all your leaves to the curb. Our team will handle the rest.

4. How long does the curbside leaf removal service take?

The time it takes depends on the volume of leaves, but our team works efficiently to finish up as soon as possible.

6. How do I schedule a curbside leaf removal service?

Contact us by phone or through our website to schedule a convenient appointment.

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